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David Charles Dhp., Chp.

 World Leading International Consultant Clairvoyant and White Witch

Master Of Witchcraft.

The Celebrities First Choice.

Hello, greetings to you and welcome from my home in beautiful North Devon, England.

Exclusively for you, England based, International Psychic Consultant and White Witch to Celebrities, Royalty, Aristocracy and of course especially people like you.

 Respected & Leading The Way In White Witchcraft And All Spiritual And Psychic Matters in the UK, the USA and throughout the world.

I am a trueborn clairvoyant, spiritualist medium and white witch.


Here are just a few of the things you may want to know about your future.


Will you ever find your one true love?

Will you have children?

Will your finances improve?

How are your career prospects looking?

Is your lover being true to you and only you, or are they cheating?

Is there a curse in place upon you?

Is your partner in touch with his or her ex?

Are family members or outsiders causing trouble for you and for your marriage?

Are you the victim of jealously and backstabbing?

Just be sure that you really want to know the whole truth!

The Celebrities First Choice.


Master Of Witchcraft.


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David Charles Master Of Witchcraft.

Serving the UK, the USA and all over the world.


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