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David Charles Dhp., Chp., Fhrs.


Hello, greetings to you and welcome from my home in beautiful North Devon, in the United Kingdom.

Please allow me to tell you a little about myself, my work and how I can help you.

Exclusively for you, England based, International Psychic Consultant and White Witch to Celebrities, Royalty, Aristocracy and of course especially people like yourself.

 Truly International, True Born, Respected, Trusted, Private and World Renowned Clairvoyant. Leading The Way In White Witchcraft And All Spiritual And Psychic Matters.

With a genuine psychic reading you will discover who are your real, true friends and who you can really count on when you need help. Are you tired of being used, let down or hurt by people who you once thought were genuine?

Is your lover cheating on you?

Will you ever find your one true love?

Are you the victim of jealously and backstabbing?

Be sure that you really want to know the whole truth!

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Now you can enjoy today the many awesomely powerful benefits of my white witchcraft spells and protection.

As close to you as your telephone or mobile device.

Here just for you, wherever in this beautiful world you may be. I offer genuine, caring help and guidance to you, because you deserve nothing but very the best. You are very special, so why would should you have to make do with anything less?

My phone numbers are also shown for you below.

Please allow me, with my spirit guides and the world of spirit, to help and guide you today.

My powerful white witchcraft spells will totally protect you, your family and the people who you love.

I’m here just for you because you deserve nothing but the very best psychic reading and the most powerful witchcraft spells available for you, both in the UK and thought the world.


Hatherleigh Sunset.

Total And Safe Witchcraft Protection

All of your chosen witchcraft spells will provide you with total and absolute protection from all outside negative influences and all curses. You can choose any spells you need from my website and you will be assured of absolute protection for both yourself and every person named in your spell rituals. Your total secrecy and privacy is assured.

You can choose from, custom spells, curse removal spells, love spells, money spells, career spells, marriage spells, protection spells, pregnancy spells, weight loss spells, gay spells, house moving spells, legal spells, etc, etc.

I also provide totally free blessing spells for you and your loved ones.

Just click your (spells) link at the top of this page and you will be taken to stardust spells, my magical spells website.

Exclusively And Just For You Today, Private, Personal, Confidential, In Depth Telephone Readings And Powerful White Witchcraft Spells With Your Total Protection.

I also offer absent healing for you or someone you love completely free of charge.

You can contact me free-phone on:

08000 14 16 14

Or if you prefer, you can still call me on:

BT  01409 24 00 25


The spirit world is waiting and ready to help you now.

The following quote has been taken from        Reviewing

(After we have set some basic industry standards the question still is “Who regularly casts successful spells?” This list has taken months and thousands of dollars in testing, analyzing and waiting for the best results. So now we present a quality list of proven successful spell casters:)

I am so honoured to be high on their list. Please feel free to take a look the list on their website on the link below :-


Sandy Mouth Beach Cornwall

Sandymouth Beach Cornwall.

All of the services I provide for you are strictly confidential, personal and private and just for you. I am personal to you and I am NOT and never will be, linked to any Company, Agency or Premium Rate Telephone Line!

I Work Completely Alone At My Home Near To The Vast And Powerful Atlantic Ocean In The Beautiful North Devon Countryside, Just For you.

I have a regular satisfied clientèle from all four corners of the World.

You will be charged V.A.T or any other hidden fees.

Allow Me To Enlighten You Today With All The Wonderful And Secret Knowledge You Need To Hear About Your New, Interesting And Perhaps Exciting Tomorrow.

Don’t sleepwalk into your future!

You can have your very own professional, friendly, first class, private clairvoyant reading today, from wherever you may be in this beautiful world. You may be at work, at home, on the golf course or even taking a bath.

Yes I really am as close to you as your telephone or mobile device.

It’s only three steps to the phone. (George Hamilton V)

  A truly personal and caring service that you can never obtain from any agency, company or premium rate line organisation.

I work alone from my secluded home on the edge of woodland, near to the coast in the heart of the beautiful North Devon, English Countryside. I am the leading UK and International clairvoyant/medium providing private psychic readings, spiritual consultations and white witchcraft services for you and to my regular private clientèle throughout the world.

You are very important to me, you are unique, you are very special, you are safe with me. You will never get lost in the crowd.

Readings also using Tarot Cards, Crystals, Runes, Pendulums, Crystal Ball, etc.

There Are So Many Good Reasons Why Your Psychic Readings and Spiritual Consultations Will Work For You So Very Much Better On Your Telephone Than Face To Face Readings:-

Your Very Own Amazingly Accurate, True-born, World Renowned And Gifted Psychic/Medium and White Witch.

You will stay safe in the warmth and comfort of your own home or private personal surroundings for your in depth reading.

You Do Not Need To Go Out In The Cold, Catch The Bus, Or Drive For Miles.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Finding and Paying for a Parking Space.

You Will Speak With Me Directly And Not With “THE NEXT AVAILABLE UNCHECKED READER”

As I mentioned above you will discover who are your real, true, genuine friends and who you can really count on when you need help. Are you tired of being used, let down or hurt by people who you once thought were genuine?

Find out just who you can really trust and depend upon.

Is your lover being true to you and only you? Or are they cheating?

Is your lover in touch with an ex?

Is your Mother in law causing trouble for you and for your marriage?

Stop being used and taken for granted by people.

Allow true, accurate spiritual guidance to help you avoid disloyalty, backstabbing and jealousy. You now can remove fake, false and sometimes dangerous friends from your life. Are You Heading Towards, Or Being Steered Towards Yet Another Romantic Heartbreak?

Avoid all future negativity and so head towards total positivity.

Gain total and complete protection from each and every one of my powerful white witchcraft spells.

You can have any and all curses removed immediately with my extremely powerful white witchcraft spells. I will send them strait back to the perpetrator.

If you would like white witchcraft spells, including, love spells, money spells, career spells, weight loss spells, employment spells, student spells, gay and lesbian spells, curse removal spells, protection spells, marriage spells, or custom spells. Please click your spells link at the top of this page.

” Let The Magic Begin “

Boscastle, home of the famous Witchcraft Museum

Boscastle Cornwall.

Here Is My Promise To You.

I am always willing, ready and prepared to have my Psychic/Mediumship abilities and authenticity tested by any scientists, sceptics or non-believers from the UK or any part of the world at any a time.

How many other clairvoyants, premium rate lines, companies or agencies are willing or able to offer you such a reassuring promise?

You can pay for a psychic telephone reading SECURELY online via PayPal. Keep your credit/debit card details safe and secret when you pay via PayPal. Not only does no-one see your sensitive information, but it is so simple to do. Note:- You do not need a PayPal account to pay through them. Just securely enter your details on the boxes they provide.

The Celebrity’s Chosen Professional Clairvoyant &
True Born Psychic Medium.

You may have noticed that many on-line psychic readers reveal and even advertise the names of famous celebrities and people they have supposedly read for. I personally do not and will never agree with this as it is ethically and morally wrong (especially when some of them are no longer with us). Whilst I do indeed provide psychic readings myself for many famous people regularly who are very much household names, I would never reveal who they are just to achieve some cheap publicity. Each and every person who rings me for a reading is special, famous or not and will receive a very personal and confidential reading. I truly believe that my clairvoyant reading ability is a precious gift from the powers of the Universe, it is a vocation.

David Charles Psychic - A Rainbow at Swallow Falls - North Wales

A Beautiful Rainbow At Swallow Falls – North Wales

As a fully qualified Psychotherapist with twenty seven years experience in private practice, I am very accustomed to speaking with patients and members of the public in total confidence.

David Charles Dhp., Fhrs., Chp. Leading UK and International Psychic and White Witch.

Why not try your confidential psychic reading with me today?

Don’t Sleepwalk Into Your Future.

I travelled among unknown men,
In lands beyond the sea;
Nor, England! did I know till then
What love I bore to thee.

‘Tis past, that melancholy dream!
Nor will I quit thy shore
A second time; for I still seem
To love thee more and more.

William Wordsworth.



All of the photographs on this website that have my name on them, were captured by me in the beautiful Devon and Cornwall areas. I love to spend any free time that I have just soaking up the beauty, magic and mystery of the area. I am usually all alone with my camera. Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I believe that my photographs show the beauty and magic of the South West. It takes me back a few years to when I used to photograph Weddings, Christenings and portraits. I must say that shooting landscapes is far less stressful. I also occasionally perform spell ritual work in these special locations, in the solitude and peace of the night.

Owing to countless requests form my clients from all over the world, I have now made these photographs available for you to own. If you see a photograph that you like, just click on it and you will be taken to the photograph page, where you can place an order. Yes, even if you can’t always visit this wonderful place, you can still have a little piece of the South West and a little bit of Stardust of your own in your home.

These will be collectable limited edition photographs. I will only be providing one hundred signed copies of each photograph.