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Exclusively Private Telephone Readings.

You can now contact me freephone on:

08000 14 16 14

Or if you prefer, you can still call me on:

01409 24 00 25

This is a Personal Service Just For You. This is NOT a Premium Rate Telephone Line!

Allow Me Inform You Today Exactly What You Need To Know About Your Tomorrow.

Have Your Very Own Personal and Private Psychic Medium. For your quality online psychic phone reading.

For your total privacy, dedication and quality – and a very personal and caring service that cannot be obtained from any agency premium rate line or company.

I am a highly skilled clairvoyant/medium working completely ALONE just
for you, from my home in the Heart of the beautiful North Devon UK countryside.

You are very important to me, you are individual, you are special – you won’t get lost in the crowd.

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Just for you, from your private online psychic today, genuine, warm online psychic phone readings and psychic guidance.

Why Telephone Clairvoyant Readings Work as well as face to face readings:-

A genuine Clairvoyant/Psychic/Medium, does not need to be in the same room, town, or even country as you. So I do not need to see your body language, facial expressions, wedding rings, or anything else. I connect entirely with just the essence of you during your clairvoyant reading through the spirit world.

I will take your telephone call personally.

You will only pay a fixed fee for your psychic reading with no VAT or hidden charges.

You can have your very own love and relationship specialist today with your psychic telephone reading.

You will receive a very personal touch with total dedication and confidentiality.

Your Own Amazingly Trueborn, Gifted Psychic medium.

Your Private Live Telephone Reading Consultation Is Here For You Now!

Not an Agency with a Circle of Readers.

You Will Talk to Me Directly and Not “The Next Available Reader”

Individual, Genuine, Warm, Private, Psychic phone Readings Just For You

Specializing in Your Love and Relationships. I can also help you with career matters, money, house moves, future babies, marriage questions and look for any jealousy or negativity that may be surrounding you either now or in the future

You Pay A Fixed Fee-No Hidden Charges and no V A T

Here is my Promise to You.

I am always willing, ready and prepared to have my psychic abilities and authenticity tested by any scientists, sceptics or nonbelievers from any part of the world at any a time.

How many other clairvoyants are willing or able to offer you such a reassuring promise?

www. david charles psychic .com – You can have your online psychic reading with telephone predictions facilities. Private psychic phone readings and guidance provided by one of the very best clairvoyants on the internet.

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David Charles Psychic News

On 20 February 2008

You can pay for a psychic telephone reading SECURELY online via PayPal. Keep your credit/debit card details safe and secret when you pay via PayPal. Not only does no-one see your sensitive information, but it is so simple to do. Try my psychic telephone reading service today and see.

The Celebrity’s Chosen Psychic.
True Born Clairvoyant.

You may have noticed that many online psychic readers reveal and advertise the name of famous people they have read for. I personally will never agree with this and yes, I do indeed read myself for many famous people regularly who are very much household names, however, I would never reveal who they are to achieve publicity. Everyone who rings me for a reading is special, famous or not and will receive a very personal and confidential reading. I truly believe that my clairvoyant reading ability is a gift from the powers of the Universe, a vocation.

I often ask clients why they have chosen to call me above all the other Psychics. The answer is always the same. It is not only because of my renowned psychic skills, but it is mostly the knowledge that all calls to me are strictly confidential. Not only have I provided clairyoyant readings for many celebrities, but for people from all walks of life from all over the world for many years.


A Little More About Psychic Readings

What are the reasons for having a online psychic reading? Well an online psychic reading can help you achieve the best out of your own life and all the many and varied situations you may find yourself having to deal with. Life, at times can be very very tricky and finding your way back onto the good path can take some exploring. A Psychic reading can guide you in the right direction and help you to avoid negativity and so guide you towards positivity. A psychic reading may also help you realise any opportunities you may be overlooking, or even feed you important information that can put you on a better footing in any partnership, be that business or romantic. Your online psychic reading with me can last for anything up to fifty minutes. In that time through my spirit guides I will give you the benefit of my many many years experience and Psychic ability.

David Charles Psychic - A Rainbow at Swallow Falls - North Wales

A Beautiful Rainbow at Swallow Falls – North Wales

The wonderful and beautiful world we live in today, thankfully seems much more attuned to the spiritual and psychic realms of mediumship and clairvoyance. Gone it seems is the awful stigma that for so long was scorned and ridiculed by so many. Finally people are becoming aware that our sixth sense, intuition and psychic interaction is as natural as walking, breathing, talking etc. I am very proud to be recognised as one of the leading spiritualists in the world today.

DISCLAIMER:- Psychic phenomena, psychic readings, and mediumship have not been scientifically proven. Providing psychic services, spiritualism and mediumship is an art not a science.
Therefore no statement made on this web site or during a psychic reading should be viewed as guaranteed to be accurate.

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