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From: David Charles
Comment: Thank you for stopping by. If you have any comments or suggestions, please email them to me and I shall have them put on this page.

Best Wishes,

David Charles. x
From: Stanka
Comment: I would like just to say that my friend Rachel was getting married last week.

Is the girl what you did spell for her last year:-) WELL DONE !!!


Have a nice evening

Stanka xx
From: Brian
Comment: Hello David,

First of all may I thank you so much for the spell you cast for me a few weeks ago concerning my friendship with Anna that I wished could be so much more.

We have indeed become lovers and I'm sure it was as a result of her seeing me in a different light. The changes you made in me that she could see and respond to. Just amazing!!

Yours most thankfully

From: Krista
Comment: Everything you have said is actually coming true, which I'm still speechless about. You really are the real deal and have helped me a lot. Thank you in advance for your help.

Regards; Krista
From: Stephanie
Comment: To anyone who is thinking of contacting David - I promise you, he is the best!

I first asked David to cast me a spell over a year ago when I was going through a legal dispute and suffering with depression and really needed some help - shortly after the dispute was resolved favourably which enabled me to start to work on my health.

This year my son needed to be moved to a private school as he needed specialist one to one support. Being a single mum it really wasn't completely affordable. I asked David for a money spell within a short period of time I was able to increase my income slightly to cover my financial commitments.

Over a period of time I have had several readings from David- a couple of months ago he told me a close friend would tell me they were pregnant in the next few days. Two days later my best friend who lives abroad told me she was expecting her first baby. Spoke to David last night and he told someone else I know is also pregnant and guess what had an email this morning from the same friend who told me another of our friends has just found out she pregnant too! (please note: I was completely unaware either was trying for a baby).

The rest of what David has told has all happened but if you don't mind that's personal to me :)

Really, if you have found David information, trust your instincts and go with them - I was a little sceptical when I first contacted him but 18 months on I am so glad I did!

To David - thank you so much.

With love and best wishes, Stephanie x
From: Sarah
Comment: Dear David (and anyone who is thinking of speaking to David -do it!)

I had a reading about 6 weeks ago when David said he saw a pregnancy imminently. This did not seem like it could possibly be true as I have been told for about 10 years that this would be near on impossible for me, coupled with the additional factor of birth control. Anyway.....this week I found out I am pregnant, I am overwhelmed but excited.

I thoroughly recommend David as the most accurate, truthful and kindly psychic I have ever spoken to. If you want to know what the future really has in store then put your trust in this man he really is truly gifted.
Thank you and much love.
S xxxx
From: Nishad
Comment: hello david, hope all is well with yourself. i purchased a good luck spell from you, to assist with my troubled times. would just like to let you know, that the recasting has worked wonders, i am now much more financially stable and eating propperly. thank you so much for this. you are indeed the real deal.
i have also managed to find a good place to live, all with the help of this very amazing power of yours. thank you so much again.
From: Diane
Comment: Hi David I wanted to send you a personal e.mail and thank you for what you have done for me spell you have put on for me to make Pete stop Idnoring people has worked already has made up with his mum after many years and there repairing there relationship I'm so happy I'm in tears been crying for about an hour.LoL you have no idea what this means to me you are a miricle worker and you will have my eternal gratitude you really have no idea how much this means to me thank you so much Diane.xxxxxx
From: Davy
Comment: Thank you my friend the improvements in my life with vicki have been unbelievable we are getting so close so I know and believe that you can make it happen ur brilliant David :-)
From: Sarty
Comment: HELLO


From: Danielle - Germany
Comment: Thank you for always being there for me. I had spells cast before without success and successful ones, but I never felt so taken care of before. You really care of me and my problems. All problems and wishes are solved now thanks to you!! Pls tell me how I can repay you for this.

Your friend forever

Danielle, germany
From: Anindita - London
Comment: Dear David. Please find my testimonial below as promised.

I have been speaking with David for about 2 years and whilst writing this testimonial the key thing for me is honesty. I can sit here and type what a wonderful guy he is and how spot on his predictions are and although both of those things are correct, it's actually a lot more than that. David has to be the most special psychic I have ever spoken to. You have to go through a few to find the right one and David certainly is the one for me. He tells it like it is and although so often he tells me things I think are 100% impossible, low and behold they come true. I don't know how he does it and so all I can say is he is one truly gifted human being. Like I say, it's been 2 years and I keep going back because if I want the future and I want the truth then David's the man. Take a chance and give David a call. He won't let you down and you'll be back for more because he's the best!

A. London
From: Aliyaa
Comment: Hi David.. I had wonderful news from work today, they want me back!! :) My manager just called me and said "We have had positive feedback and you can come back to work". Thank you soo much for your spell. Have a Great day! :)
From: Sophie
Comment: Hi David,

Thank you very much for completing those on my behalf, really appreciate it, and the faith you restore in getting back something so important.

Today, Greg and I have been in contact, such a positive turn around as we now have civilisation (miracles do happen) although I'm not sure were we go from here nor is it exactly the desired result, nonetheless I wanted to thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart, for this step in the right direction and I look forward to changes in the coming weeks.

You have a gift that is truly amazing and I find it very endearing that you use own gift to help others in their journey throughout what I believe is a temporary life.

Heart felt wishes,

Many thanks

From: Yumeko - Hong Kong
Comment: Hello David,

It was so nice to talk with you this afternoon with you.

I have purchased your 'sleeping well' recording when I was in London and today, it was a live voice! We were so excited to talk to you. Thank you very much for the reading even if our English was not enough to communicate well and skype communication made it more difficult I guess.I am sure it was not easy for you.

As we have been having a reading with you for few years now, we experienced the things you said have come very right and always look forward to it. Sometimes it was just like looking at my self in the mirror even if the things I don't want to admit to be true! However, your advices lead our life and our spirit better and better, and peaceful! I know that. I keep those words in my treasure mind.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Much Love,

From: Lydia
Comment: Hi David it's Lydia I'm writing to thank you for the work you've done for me and to give you an update. Five days after you did the curse removal spell I got a call from a school in Cardiff and did two days work for them then I followed my instinct and went to a school that I had previously worked in and they offered me a long term contract and full time which will really ease my financial worries I'm hoping that this opportunity will lead to something permanent and hopefully a promotion I am really grateful to you and I feel much much happier.

Thank you for helping me Lydia x
From: Annabelle
Comment: Hello David Thank you so much for this reading! Its amazing, you were right about the John thing, as I found out he has a girlfriend and a child. I have told everybody about you and I think all of them will be sending you emails very soon!

thanks again
Annabelle x
From: Marvin
Comment: Hello David,

Well so far he wants to try work on things and give us a chance. Though got to keep it secret till he knows what he wants. Thank you for your work and listening. I will always be in your debt.

Thank you
Marvin Magaby
From: Wendy
Comment: Hi David,
Just wanted to say hello and that you done me a couple readings in 2009 and everything you told me has come true, I am so happy and yes won the heart of the man who you said was very defensive and hard to win over because like me of past hurt. At the time I thought you meant someone else but then a friend from past which you said got in touch and we are deeply in love. we have loved each other for over 20 years but didnt know how each other felt thankyou so much, your readin made so much sense when I look back on it will be contacting you again soon for a new reading
Love and Blessings Wendy xxx
From: Angie
Comment: Dear David,

Hi, just an email to update and thank you. I think the effects of the spell are begining. Last few days I have a warm happy feeling in the whole of my body (don't know how else to describe it). Its a wonderful happy 'at peace with my self' kind of feeling. I know in my heart he cares for me again. He has become chatty and flirty again and I can see and believe that things are heading in the right direction :-), thank you so much.

With more thanks,
From: Stacy
Comment: Hi David,
Thank you for my reading. I will be contacting you for a more indepth reading in the future.

To say I am pleased is an understatement! The question about children comes from the fact I have a 8 year old daughter with my husband we have been trying for another for a year and suffered 3 miscarriages, the most recent was 2nd trimester in June a little boy at 16 wks. We are desperate to try again but the pain of loosing them is a lot to bear. I am off work now until mid Aug and my test results are to do with reasons for losses and what was wrong with my little boy Freddie. I am due my results the first week of Sept and if recomended we will be trying again. I normally fall straight away so if I do I would imagine oct will be stressful if I do.

Finally my mum was diagnosed with cancer a week ago but we don't know the severity we are waiting for the biopsy to come back.

As you can see you have picked up on all the things going on in my life and I am amazed. I would be happy for you to share my feedback. Thank you xx

From: Simnel
Comment: Greetings David,

First Client, (Marcus) who stated goal to make 65k, made 25k cash and had orders placed for product not yet made in the amount of 55k. Not bad for three days of work. We expect this September to be another good one for him.

Second Client (Andrew) has not made the stated goal of (1) 50k order yet has been making lots of product. He is waiting patiently.

Third Client (Marshall) has not seen much movement yet is waiting patiently.

From: Jo
Comment: Hi David

I really enjoyed talking to you tonight and everything you said made sense. I hope I can find the strength to move on properly from David. I have been trying and I am much better than I was. Thank you so much it was very good to talk! I will be putting a little extra aside over the next few weeks so I can talk to you for longer - and if I am in Devon (and if you do 'in person' readings) I would love to speak to you there.

Have a wonderful week!

Jo x
From: Anon
Comment: Hi, i've just got a job yesterday and i'm really happy about it, i hope i keep it, any way i just felt that i should share my happiness about that with you, have a beautiful day now :)

From: Connie
Comment: Really enjoyed reading as always ...reassuring re husbands career. Will let you know what happens.

Thanks very much and keep up the good work

From: Aruna
Comment: I had a very difficult period in my life was ripped of by people who did nothing for me but take my money & they kept on taking my money in fact they would keep on frightening me for me to keep on giving them money every week this was like £100 a week when I met David Charles I was a nervous wreck he did curse removal for me from which I had immediate effect then I became nervous & asked David Charles to keep on doing curse removals as my mind had become disturbed & people had frightened me into believing someone was doing black magic on me all time but David Charles is one in a billion & he is one of the most Genuinine people I have ever come across David Charles told me no he had already done Curse Removal as he did not want me to waste my money I want other people to know that David Charles is one in a billion and very powerful man.
From: Annabelle
Comment: Hello David, Thank you so much for your reading, its kind of what I expected really, I see the chance ahead of us being together because we have become close again but I also know in my heart if he can hurt me so badly once he would have no trouble doing it again, so I understand when you say he will hurt me again. you say you see me having a new relationship later this year, because of the situation with Andrew I have told myself not to be open to another relationship and maybe its time I give others a chance as I want to be happy and loved instead of getting hurt.

I would love to have a telephone reading with you and I will be arranging that very soon this month has been an expensive one for me and I could only afford the one question but I will be setting money aside very soon for a telephone reading I would love to know what my future holds for me as I am feeling very low at the moment and all my confidence has gone because of the relationship I was just in and the way it ended, and any positive things ahead for me would make a lot of difference to how I feel right now.

Thank you and I will be in contact soon.
Best wishes

From: Gail
Comment: Hi David,
Wow! The spell worked within a week!
He returned out of the blue...
Thank you so much.
From: Robert
Comment: Hi David
Just to say your reading was uncannily accurate, and I really appreciate your calm sage advice.

This from someone who's typically a bit of a sceptic
Thank you very much indeed.

From: Rach
Comment: Good evening,

David I just had to share this good news with you. After Matthe and I had words this morning, there was this wall of silence..Then this evening around 7:30 he txted me to say he wanted to talk. Naturally I played hard to get, then he said he still loved me and that he was sorry.We ironed out a few issues so we are back on speaking terms..

But I dont want to be complacent or take any chances, so I will still order your customised spell next week to strengthen our love. I put the sudden turn around in Matthew down to your spells. Thank you so much for putting a smile back on my face again. Even Matthew seems happier and admitted that he was miserable all day since the fall out we had.

I will definitely recommend your site to all my friends.

I am a believer.
From: Carol
Comment: Hi David, I had a reading from you a few weeks ago about my daughter and her husband, he went off with her friend a few weeks before Christmas and I wonted to know if he would ever come back to her?. You told me there was onother secret he was keeping Well! you were right! he has sold there caravan with out telling her and kept the money. He still has not made any atempet to come back to her yet! I was amazed at how right you were.
Thank you. From Carol .
From: Zena
Comment: David,

Thank you so much for ur help with the employment spell everything at work has been finalized I'm so very happy you were able to help me!

:-) Thank You For Your Email! :-)
From: Shelly
Comment: Hi David,

This is Shelly, and I just wanted to tell you that you were right. Someone I know is pregnant and with twins! The guy you said would contact me again, he has but i'm still not quite sure what he wants from me. I'm just waiting for the rest to come true but Thank you so much and I shall be calling again for another reading!

From: Mass
Comment: I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing the ritual for breaking a hex as i feel like the darkness has been completely lifted from my aura and i just know good things are to come!!!!!!

thanks again David
From: Sharon
Comment: I just wanted to say thank you for the reading. Also, you were right about Mat. He is not the one. He just e-mailed me on not wanting to restart the relationship. How weird is that.

Thank you again and will wait 12-14 weeks to see if my new romance occurs. However, will be calling you again in a month or two. Thanks.

From: Kim
Comment: Hi David

Hi David Hope you are well, I have now heard from Michael this weekend, saying he misses me & wants to see me, so I may see him this weekend if he keeps true to his words. This is fab, thanks so much, you are the greatest

From: Lisa
Comment: Dear David,

Just wanted to say thank you for the reading. How could you tell so much?

You put my mind at ease, knowing that things are actually going to get better and I in myself will improve. You are a truly special gentleman with a special gift. Not many of them left today.

Once again a huge thank you. Health and Happiness always.
From: Polly
Comment: Hello David

Thank you very much as the love spell has really worked wonders for me. I have found my soul mate. You are wonderful. I never believed in magic before but now I believe what am seeing. I would recommend you to everyone. The guysays he loves me very much and would like to spend the rest of his life with me.

From: J
Comment: Well what can I say, after the reading today, you left me feeling quite elated, as you know I am worried to death about the cancer and you have given me hope, something I was losing sight of, I cannot believe how accurate you were, I was rather sceptical and now do believe, there are a few things I need to start believing in, inc myself.

Thank you so much, you're a very special man with special talents that you put to such good use, I've already recommended you to several friends. I will definately be calling again, just to update and hopefully my future will stay bright and things told will come true.

Many many thanks. J
From: Andrea, Bermuda
Comment: David - you won't believe this...well, actually you will! I have chills right now.

I ordered a spell from you last week. I'm unemployed but thankfully my husband has a job. Nevertheless, we had fallen WAY behind on our rent-to the tune of $16,000. We have a really patient landlord who knows I'm out of work so he has been bearing with us but I didn't know how long that would last.

I had a pension built up from my one of my previous jobs-money that I'm not allowed to touch until I'm 65. However, our Gov't just recently passed a law saying that money can be withdrawn for specific financial hardships including rent arrears-but there's a cap on it. I checked with the pension commission here and in my case, the most I would be allowed to withdraw for rental arrears is $8,000.

I was somewhat happy with that but it was only half of what I needed.

ANYWAY...to make a long story short my ladlord just knocked on my door and said that he knows we're having a hard time and that he was thinking about us and decided to write off more than half our arrears. He handed us a letter saying that we owe $6,000 and not $16,000. He's written off $10,000! Of course that also now means that the $8,000 I'm able to get will be sufficient to cover the entire arrears and not just half of it.

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm sitting here looking at this letter he gave us saying he's writing this money off in disbelief. He didn't just tell us-he's actually given us written proof and I have it right here in my hand.

Sorry for the length of this, but there is no way that this is coincidence - NO WAY. I just can't, can't believe this. I really can't. I'm speechless. There's no doubt that this is because of you - NO DOUBT. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just know there's more to come, David. My God, I'm just in shock here - just total shock!!!
From: Anoushka
Comment: David, hi,

Just a quick hello
and to say thank you so much for speaking to me yesterday. You were incredibly accurate in an area where I have remained totally secret and tight-lipped. It was amazing to hear you say the things you did.

Thank you and I will call you in a week or so for a proper reading as last night was very last-minute. Hope you are ok!
Love Noush x
From: Sal
Comment: Hi David

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you for preparing my spell for me. It's been nearly a week and I am feeling noticeably different within myself and don't think it is down to coincidence! I feel a lot calmer and more grounded and am thinking a little bit clearer too which is nice, I know it's still early days and hopefully these feelings will continue to increase.

I may buy a business success spell in a week or so as I have been 'sold' on your spells!

Thank you again David.

Best wishes
Sal x
From: Jane
Comment: Dear David I have once again read your testimonials and agree so much with every comment. I have had two readings from you in the past and found them to be uncannily accurate.

I am in the midst of great upset at the moment due to anothers illness I badly want to speak to you but finacialy I need to wait awhile. You have helped so much in the past I trust you implicitly.I hope to speak to you soon David. Bless you..Jane
From: S
Comment: Hi David

You are unbelievable! Just amazing! I can't tell you how grateful I am! If this and the business spell works out I will come back for spells to help my sister's hubby and also a cousin :-)
From: Rita
Comment: David, just wanted to say thank for the reading this afternoon. As soon as I put the phone down I felt a big weight had been lifted off me. As you said it wasn't everything I'd like to hear, but you were right I've got to let go and move on, and I feel I can now.

Thank you again, it's the first time in 3 years I've had a feeling of peace and there is a life for me to live.

Will be in touch to let you know how things work out in the next few months.

From: Pete Taylor, New York.
Comment: I just had to write to say thank you, thank you, thank you.  My wife returned home to me just five days after I ordered my love spell from you.  I was really beginning to feel that we would never be reunited.

Now after just a few weeks with are actually getting closer and more in love than ever just as you said we would.  Once again, Hedgewitch thank you so much you are really wonderful.
From: Jaki
Comment: Hi David,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you and your spirit guides for my reading yesterday. I know that with all your help, my Nan was able to come through for me. The name Selina is very unusual and it could only have been from her. It brought me a lot of comfort and I will definitely look to her for guidance and protection going forward.
Keep up the great work and continue to enjoy the blessings of this precious life.
Take care and thanks again,
From: Phillip Reeves, Sydney, Australia.
Comment: Hello David, just as note to say, many thanks for helping me when I was in such a sorry state.

Just a week after my spell is cast by you I landed a new job. I am now being paid a really good salary and I also have a company car. All this took place after months of searching with no luck.

I am so glad that I decided to order my spell from you. You will be hearing from me soon as I am going to order the smoking addiction spell.
From: Cindy
Comment: Dear david

thankyou for my reading which i found very interesting and it has lifted me and given me hope and something to look forward to, the 2 men you mentioned could both be Andre as he is kind and loving and loyal but we have been taking it slow and he i do believe he has been badly hurt in the past as you predicted and you was right that i have also, also Andre works in accounts and finance, and if he is the man you saw he is 5ft 11in and of mixed race, very short shaved dark hair.

i will let you know if we meet in the next few weeks as u said as we have not for a while as he is a workaholic and i believe this is his way of shutting everything out because of being hurt, his safe haven kind of.

i will allow myself to go forward with this man and i do believe i am falling in love with him as you said and will wait and see what happens in june and dec.

i have 4 children and yes a baby in spirit that i miscarried, i would of hoped to of had a child with Andre in the future as he has no children but maybe, maybe not

thankyou ever so much for my reading and i will be calling for a phone reading within the next few weeks.
you are fantastic and have made my day.
please let me know you got this reply
speak soon take care
and once again thankyou from the bottom of my heart Cindyxx
From: Julie and Roger Walker, London.
Comment: Oh Hedgewitch what would I do without you? After months of fertility treatment, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and IVF nothing seemed to be working for my partner and me. Then one day I found your beautiful website and ordered the facility spell.

The very next month I did a pregnancy check and was most delighted to see that it was positive. We are now expecting our first baby in two months time and have been told that it will be a little boy. I just cannot begin to thank you enough Hedgewitch please keep up the good work.
From: Amy
Comment: Hi David

Thank you so much for the reading, it was amazingly accurate, as you say probably not what I wanted to hear, but hand on heart I have to be honest and say you're right.

I split up with the person I believe is my soul mate several years ago, circumstances made things very difficult for us, and he wanted us to keep in touch but I couldn't deal with that and had to make a clean break. I still think about him every day, and I still love him with all my heart and miss him so much. I've always believed that I will see him again before my life on the earth plane comes to an end.

You were right about the tears - the past few days have been particularly difficult for me, but I know that things will get better. That's mainly the reason I asked for the e-mail reading, I didn't think I could manage a telephone call. I go to work and out and about, and no one knows how I'm feeling but it's a different matter entirely when I'm at home on my own.

Regarding the move abroad, I don't plan this to be imminent - I have certain ties here and have no control over the circumstances, which affect when I'd be able to go, so you're probably right on that one as well. I think one of my reasons for wanting to go is because I feel the need to go somewhere for a fresh start, where I have no unhappy memories and I can begin again with a clean slate.

As for the "love going out but not coming in", I feel like I've been separated emotionally and spiritually from a lot of people I was close to, not particularly anyone's fault, but people change over time and we all need different things from relationships. I've feel like I need to withdraw and sort myself out just now, and have done for a while. I don't think this is necessarily the best thing for me to do, but on the other hand I don't feel I should spend too much time with people I don't feel synchronised with.

To be truthful I asked the last question because I don't know what it is I want just now. I know what I don't want, but we can all do that - it's making the effort to do something about it that's hard and I don't feel like I have the energy or the motivation at present, but I also know I'm the only person who can do something about it. Maybe this will give me the kick start that I need!

Thank you for the reading - I appreciate your honesty and kindness.
Take care, I wish you love, light and kindness
Amy xxx
From: Richard Benton, Milton Keynes.
Comment: Your magic certainly worked for me David as I have just won a new contract for my business.  This will ensure the future of my work force for quite some time to come.

At last I can sleep at night now without worrying constantly about money and my ability to pay my staff.  This has also taken some pressure off my marriage, which was looking as though it was about to crumble.  I never used to believe in magic spells, but I certainly do now and your website is stored on my computer with my favourites.

I just cannot say thank you enough you are truly wonderful.
From: Sharmila
Comment: Dear David

Thank you so much for your reading. I asked general questions and gave you no detail but your reading was amazingly accurate with regards to things which are happening in my life at the moment.

From: AnneMarie - Sidmouth
Comment: Hello David

I just had to drop you a line as I have not done brilliantly this week and had a mini binge this morning as did not want to stand on the scales.

I just forced myself to and have lost 4 pounds!! For me this is little short of a miralce so back on track to do my best to lose a couple more this week.

AnneMarie from Sidmouth
From: Frank Thornton, Bradford, Yorkshire
Comment: Hello David, just a quick e-mail to let you know that your spell worked for me within a few days. First of all I had a really nice win on the horses. Then lo and behold, my long time friend repaid the £5,000 that he owed to me.

If I am honest, I must say that I didn't think I would ever see the money again. I'll be logging on to your site again later today to order your lottery spell. I just know that it will work for me. I have ordered spells in the past without much success, but I have to say that you are really fantastic and I thank you so very much.
From: Julie
Comment: Hi David,

Just to let you know that I have received your latest reading.

I would also like to take this opportunity of thanking you for the last one in which everything you said was immensly accurate!!

Thank you,

Kind regards,

From: Celia Johnson, San Francisco.

Hi there David, I just wanted to say thanks a million for helping me with my lifelong weight problem. I have now lost three stones in weight since ordering your brilliant spell.

I had tried everything from slimming clubs to the Atkins diet and nothing would work for me. Within hours ordering your spell I stopped eating chocolate a lot of the other rubbish that I used to enjoy. Furthermore, it was completely and absolutely effortless for me. I actually did what you said in your text and got into a bikini for the first time in years.

You have also helped me to find a new boyfriend and my confidence levels are higher than they've been since I was a child.  I would be recommending your services to all of my friends, but I don't know how to do it without revealing my secret. So I thought I would send this letter to you for your testimonial section instead. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.

From: Sharon
Comment: Thanks very much for the reading, it's brilliant, better than i'd hoped for!!
From: Sara Murphy, Dublin.
Comment: Dear David, I just had to let you know that you are the most wonderful person I have ever found. One of the family's prize race horses had become very ill indeed and the local vet was really struggling to help her.

I came across your website by complete fluke and decided to order your pet cure spell. The very next morning, our dear Emily was upon her feet and for the first time in weeks she seemed full of life.

I am now so happy to say that she has fully recovered and we never really found out exactly what was troubling her. Now she's enjoying running in the meadows the way she used to. I am sure that this could not have happened without the aid of your wonderful gift. On behalf of me, my family and my wonderful horse Emily thanks a million.
From: Amanda H
Comment: Hi David, Just to say thankyou for the very interesting reading, one part had me choking on my tea through accuracy!! I`m sure I will be in touch soon for a phone read.......I have to know more!!!

Kindest regards,
Amanda H x
From: James McLaren, Aberdeen.
Comment: Hello again my dear friend. Just a quick hello to say thank you once again as yet another of your spells has worked for me.  I think I must be one of your most regular customers.

I purchased your lottery spell and the very next week I won nearly £19,000. I don't know how you do it, but I'm so glad that you do. I want to shout your name from the rooftops, but I don't want to spoil the magic. I think that now I can afford some new clothes I may order one of your love spell's and try to get myself fixed up with a nice lady. What can I say David you really are the best, thanks again.

From: Sara
Comment: Dear David

Thank you for your reply to my questions via e-mail, you have lifted my spirts made me very happy with the reading, which may I say is excellent and very positive. Things are programmed to happen in the next three months I will keep you updated.

Much love to you

Miss A.F.   Basingstoke.

Comment: I had to send this letter to you for your testimonials page because I just cannot believe what has happened to me recently.  After years of feeling jinxed and cursed with bad luck I decided to purchase your (year of good luck spell). 

Within two days of completing my order everything seemed to change for the better. I had a call from my ex boyfriend and we are now seeing each other again and things are looking very good in that department. The very next day I was offered a major part in a leading London show after many auditions without success.

I am now even feeling lucky and much more positive about life.  My future is looking much more rosy now thanks to you, David. I apologize for not giving you my name, but I am quite well known in the showbiz world and I would like to keep this a secret so as not to spoil things. Thank you once again so very much.
From: Kim
Comment: Just wanted to to tell you that the accuracy of your readings never ceases to amaze me!

One example: you said that there is a someone in my life who is like a bull in a china shop, and it's either his way or the highway; and you said you think it's the new man in my life. I had just met Michael at that time, and I thought "absolutely not him", but he has been EXACTLY like that over the past month! (Unfortunately for me)

Anyway, take care David and speak to you soon.

From: Rebecca Martin, Middelsborough.
Comment: Dear spell caster I am sending this letter to you to say thank you for your help with my love life. My long-term boyfriend Mark left me after we had been bickering and arguing for several months. We have a little boy together and he didn't even bother to contact him or to help me financially.

I found out that he was living the life of a bachelor and nightclubbing with his friends most weekends.

I also knew that he was back living with his parents. I believed that Mark had still got some feelings for me and so in desperation I decided to buy your return your lover spell, although I kept this to myself as I did not want to spoil the effects of your magic. Within days Mark was on the telephone telling me how much he loved me and begging me to give him another chance.

Thanks to you, David we are now back together and more love than ever. I will never hesitate to buy one of your spells again if I experience any problems in my future. You are very special and I send my heartfelt thanks to you.
From: Nicky
Comment: Hi David,

Thankyou for my reading. I am a great believer in the spirit world and am pleased I have found you. I found your reading very interesting, other psychics have also picked up my apparent psychic ability so I feel I should try to look further into this to harness healing or spiritual powers. My mum also has psychic ability and has benefitted from visual experiences of her own. You also picked up on a possible caring profession for the future, ironically I have considered nursing and plan to visit a university for Open Day Nursing Event. I am particularly interested in nursing those that are terminally ill. I will let you know how I get on!

You also summed up how I feel with my personal life i.e I really don't know where I am headed!!!!! I hope I make the right decision at the time that will lead me to peace and happiness. Right now I find life totally unfullfilling and lacking in the love dept. I sometimes wonder if I would be better on my own. We'll see.

Love to you,
Nicky x
From: Susan James, Austin, Texas.
Comment: I must say to begin with, that I do not normally send letters or testimonials to people without good cause. However, something quite exceptional has been happening to me since I ordered one of your spells. Everything I touch now seems to be more positive for me.  All I did was to order your good luck spell, and it started to work within days.

First of all my long lost son (who I had not heard from for three years) contacted me. We had fallen out over some trivial, stupid matter, and he had been living in New York. The next thing I knew my youngest daughter announced that she is pregnant. This news came to her after she and her husband have been trying for a baby for so long without success. Now it looks as though I'm going to be a grandmother again. I just have this feeling inside me now that nothing can go wrong anymore, long may it continue.

I hope that you can put this on your testimonials section as I would recommend you to everybody, without any hesitation whatsoever. If I ever need another spell I will be straight back to you David, because I know that your magic really does work. I shall be for ever grateful to you. Thank you so much.
From: Kaz
Comment: Hi David,

Thank you so much yet again you sent me a brilliant email answer to my question.

Love Kaz x
From: Colin
Comment: Hello David

I have just read your attachment regarding my one question, and I cannot believe how accurate you were regarding myself and my situation.

I would like to call you on the phone soon, for a more in depth "reading"


From: Ramanjeet
Comment: David,

Before I called you, I read your testimonials, and couldn't still beleive you would be so accurate. After having my readying with you, I still was a little fazed if the information provided. However a one week later i recieved money owed, as you advised i would recieve money. Then the following month you advised me to not speak my business, but i did, to my bestfriend of 13 years and thought she would be an exception. However she spoke my business to others and the girl i thought was my bestfriend of 13 years i lost all faith and trust in. For the past couple of days I have been meaning to right, and say Thank you for enlighting me and helping me. Thank you

From: Ash
Comment: Thought would give you an update. I have to say that you are the most accurate Psyhic I have ever met. All your future predictions come true. I did come across the two women who spell trouble for me at work. I also came across the temptation that you mentioned and I pushed it off. I know that my Boss is trying to get my job upgraded so that I will get a promotion. You have been right on everything. I wanted to know why do you think that was. Is there a message for me or just that I am being paid back for some of the sins. Even on Nicky you were right when she moved to another job, got more money, was sick.....the list is endless....it just bothers me cause my own feelings were the same as yours...Any help or insight will just help me heal more...I am almost there but cannot stop caring about her.


From: Marilyn
Comment: dear david thank yo ufor the wonderful reading two weeks ago. The following day I felt so relaxed and in the present moment. I let go of all thought and worrie.I would love to feel like this every day!. I regret not asking you more about my children as they are the most important people in my life.However next time.

Thank you, love and light

From: Franklyn Birbal
Comment: A comment for your page. David reading for this year has been spot on, many things he has picked up on and some things i walked into, like clock work. i am an expereinced and awakened healer, and have found his reading very helpfull.

Franklyn Birbal
From: Tina
Comment: Dear David!

You did a email Reading for me about 3months or so ago, and i was wandering if could you please ad this to your testamoines section of your website.

Firstly can i just say much appolagies for not writing you this sooner. But there was a reason for that. The Reading said that

- You saw that i was going to have alot of arguements with women over the next coming weeks and months.
- You also said i would have a job coming in2 my life that i did not really expect or go looking for, but would come with a contract.
- Then you said that i would soon meet a very vicious woman who should be avoided at all costs.
- Also you mentioned that Chris would contact me again one day.
- And also that there would be a pregnancy coming soon which would be very close to me.

I have spent a fortune on Readings from psychics on the internet, and they usually fill you full of false hopes and promises of stuff that NEVER comes threw and you always feel like youve been totally conned! And 'I CANNOT BELIEVE IM SAYING THIS' but... a few weeks after your Reading David, would you believe i actually met the 'very' woman you were talking about... then for the next -6wks i found i kept getting into unwarranted arguements with 'WOMEN' just as you said, then about 3weeks ago my brother Paul phoned me up and said his girlfriend might be pregnant and their waiting for results!

if that wasnt enuff to convince me, 2more things that you prdicted happend as well...about a week ago i have found (NOT A JOB I WAS LOOKING FOR) but a well paid one that comes with 'a CONTRACT' 'just as you said. But most importantly of all... and the reason why i just had to write to you to let you know.... 2nights ago CHRIS contacted me!!! just as you said he would!!! David i really dont know what to say to your amazing ACCURACY!! except thankyou soooooooo much for your honesty and advice, it is a GOD-SEND to finally find a psychic on the web that is NOT just trying to get your money by feeding you alot of rubbish. David i will contact you again soon perhaps this time for a phone-Reading(as i am itching to know more about this tall, dark haired gentleman you also mentioned as well.)
GodBless you.
From: Kerry
Comment: Hi David!

I have received my email reading, thank you so much it means alot to me and was more in depth then i thought it would be so a really nice suprise, my kindest regards to you and thank you once again.

From: Joanne

Hi David, this is for your testimonial page. Thank you so much for your reading, most of my reading was focused for a couple of months time, so i will certainly let you know when things start to happen. You've certainly made me feel alot happier in myself though as now i have something to focus on and look forward to. You were so right. I will be booking a phone reading with you as well very soon.

Anyway take care David and god bless.

From: Sandra
Comment: Hi David!

I have received your email and I'm absolutely thrilled with it. In particular the area about my spirit guides - my Grandfather passed when I was 18 and I struggled massively with the grief I felt and still do. I was told that he was watching over me and I truly felt it, but recently I haven't. I always talk to him though, so I'm glad he is still there. I don't know about the girl, although I suppose we don't always know out guides? Thanks David I'll be in touch for greater depth very soon. Life saver!

Sandra xx
From: Annie
Comment: Dear David
Thank you so much for your reading. I have been feeling so low lately and confused not knowing what to do. You have really helped me and I now know I should not go back to Tom and I should not give up on my singing career. I will definatley be in touch for a telephone reading at some point in the near future.
Many Thanks
From: Gloria
Comment: hi david thank you for my reading.wow you were spot on about lots of things and i now feel very excited about the future.
From: Shannon
Comment: Hello David,

What can I say but amazing! I know exactly who the back-stabbing females are. I once considered them friends but they turned out to be malicious gossips. The woman called Mary has to be my mother-in-law. Thankfully she lives in America so we do not see much from her. Still she can be hateful! The dark haired male is without a doubt my brother-in -law who is a gambler, drunk and junkie. He has caused me a lot of trouble in the past and I thought he would resurface soon. I am on my guard! I have always felt and wanted to give my husband another chance and yes I will be very tough on him. I will be contacting you by phone for a reading in the near future, thank you very much for your great reading and advice. You were spot on!! Much love
From: Amanda
Comment: Hi David,

Thank you, I have recieved the email. I may want to be in contact soon about a further reading with the love side of things, as for the career, spot on, Im currently job searching and feel very trapped in my current career and sector of hospitality, and things have got nasty. Worried about the law side of things, I shall be extra vigillant with this. It is May time I hope things will be different. I can see why so many people use your service, I will again soon.

Thank you, all the best

From: Ranjit
Comment: U indeed are amazing and I am indebited to u for what u said .Will always be linked to u ,and recommend u to all the contacts I have.Will certainly always seek my guidance from u.Am your client more important u are my frind, philosopher and guide for life.Tks for showing me a path. Ranjit - India
From: Susan
Comment: Your healing was wow. I layed on the bed and the tears stopped after a while. I thought oh well I'll give it a go at least I'll chill for 2o minutes and then .... With my eyes closed I saw a purple shape which disappeared into a heart then again and again .... until it was just purple and then gone. My legs felt all tingly. Thank you very much even for that amount of time it felt so special to feel something like that. If possible could you send me absent healing again please?
Best Wishes
From: Jayne
Comment: Dear David Many thanks for a wonderful reading this morning. I've had an email from the "other man" this afternoon which convinced me that I do need to move on from him...you are absolutely right. I just could'nt face the truth before, that he didnt care for me the same way as I have cared for him. You are right....I deserve better. Although its going to be hard, I feel after talking to you today I can find the strength and courage to move on. I hope all your other predictions come true...I will let you know what unfolds. I look forward to talking to you again Many thanks for your truth and kindness Jayne, Cheshire
From: Simon Richards

I just had to write to say thank you David Charles for the wonderful reading you gave me last month. Sorry I called you so late in your time. You were absolutely right about the farm it was sold within two weeks and we also managed to sell most of the farm machinery as well. What really amazed me was that yesterday I was offered the position with the tourism board as you said I would be. I find it unbelievable that you could pick up so much about me from so far away, without even seeing me. I would love to meet you one day to say thank you in person.

Thanks again,

Simon Richards. New Zealand

From: Ellie

Hello David,
I hope that you remember me; it is Ellie in New York. I have had many readings with you. In my last reading you told me that I had an admirer and that he was a man with authority and power. To my astonishment within a few days of you telling me that news, I was asked out by my boss. You also said that this man would be much kinder to me than my previous boyfriends have been. It looks as though you were right as yesterday he bought me a diamond ring. The trouble is that I think I am falling in love with him and I do not want to get hurt again. I don't know why I'm worrying because you said that this would not happen and I know that you are always right. David, you really are the best psychic on the planet.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Ellie. Xxxxxx

From: James Sisca

Just a note David to say thank you for the e-mail reading you did for me recently. Sorry I couldn't ring you this time, but you are always asleep when I am free. Once again I am staggered by your accuracy and insight. You suggested that my wife Jessica may be pregnant and that she was carrying a little boy. We both thought that you must be mad. Well she did a test this morning, and guess what; yes of course you were right. Truly unbelievable. How do you do it? You are simply amazing.
We have decided that if this is a little boy then we will name it David after you. Thank you so much. I will be ringing you soon when I am on a late shift.
James Sisca. Vancouver. B.C.

From: Sara

Hello again David, I just had to write this thank you message so that you can place it on your testimonials page. You gave me information last month to help me find our lost dog Buck. My sister and I drove straight to the area you suggested just outside of the town. Sure enough there was a selection of dodgy looking caravans and vehicles there. Ruth and I went inside the compound, and we found Buck tied to a post looking rather bedraggled. Although it was rather scary in there he is now safely home with me and the children where he belongs. We believe that he was stolen as you suggested. There are no words David to describe our gratitude to you. All the tears and sadness have stopped now and we will not be letting Buck out off our site again. If you are ever in the Clacton area please come and see us. You will be made so so welcome. Once again David, thank you so very much you really are in a wonderful man. Sara - Clacton

From: Rebecca
Comment: dear david, thankyou so much for the reading.i have to say you are spot on about me,

Becky - Madrid
From: Teresa
Comment: Hi David,

Thanks so much for your reading. Much encouragement on many fronts, and, of course, you're spot on about everything else, which I'm sure won't surprise you. Teresa - Dublin
From: Lisa Johnson

Hello David, I thought I would send you this letter and I hope that you may consider putting it on your testimonials page.
Although all of the readings you do for me at astoundingly accurate, this time you have really excelled yourself. You told me that my ex from Copenhagen would be back in touch with me within three weeks. He did in fact ring me after three days. We have agreed to stay friends as you suggested. You also told me that my career was about to take off and improve dramatically. Once again you are right within days, I was offered a job which involves lots of traveling but with much better pay. I just don't understand how you do it David. I can't wait to talk to you again; you really are simply the best as the song says.
Once again gave you my sincere thanks to you. Love and light Lisa - Cardiff

From: Tracey
Comment: Hi David,
Just a little note to confirm that I have received your email reading. Once again this reading is spot on and also a blessing in knowing that there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

Will catch up with you soon.
Take care
Tracey x
From: Sue
Comment: Dear David

Thank you so much for the e mail reading. My plan is to move next year but I wasnt quite sure if I was doing the right thing . I have done a Reiki course about two years ago and was just saying to someone the other day I wished I had kept it up! The one that shocked me the most was the child in spirit (that was over 29 years ago ) but was very reassuring and comforting.I have always been interested in alternative things and as a nurse I have witnessed some amazing things and met some amazing patients. Thank you again you have really put my mind at rest Best Wishes Suzx
From: Diana
Comment: Dear David Thanks so much for the reading. Your whole reading is so accurate. When am a bit relaxed, I will definately call you. I did not believe in psychic before, now I do and I think I cannot go ahead with my life without it. Thanks once again and will be in touch soon.

From: Katherine

I found the reading interesting, and a little surprising!. You certainly didn't use telepathy with my reading, as what you've told me, wasn't in my mind. And yes, it's been most helpful, thank-you.

My perception can be quite good at times, and I had felt that (the man in question) to have genuinely liked me, and didn't think he was in contact with anyone else as I felt (perhaps he had me to believe this) that he was lacking a little in self confidence and that he wasn't very able to open up to, or get going, so to speak, with many people, and I somehow thought that I was special to him in this way. Perhaps I was wrong. I will certainly think on, what you have told me.

I'am not really in the habit of consulting clairyvoyants, but if in the near future I feel the need to have a general fuller reading, or with any other matter, concern, problem, then I will most certainly think of YOU to consult.
Thanks again!

Yours sincerely.

Katherine x

From: Gemma

You did a telephone reading for me last week, I was so very surprised at what you knew about me. The reading you gave was very accurate, and although i know I have a long journey ahead of me, I just keep reading the notes I made to give me the strength I need to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. I will be in contact with you very soon, I think I just need to get this month out of the way in the hope that July will be better! Thank you, you have given me the strength to carry on through my very difficult ending to my relationship.

Kind regards
Gemma - Derby

From: Stacey

Dear David,

Thank you again for your reading, as always as accurate as ever. Since I received your reading I have met a man who has indeed swept me off my feet and I can feel myself falling head over heals and sensed that he felt the same way about me. He works away during the week and has now said he wants things to slow down. I don't have a problem with this, however don't want to waste time on things that don't have a future or will lead me down a path which will only get me hurt! I like this chap a lot and want to continue however slowly.

Thank you David

Fondest best wishes,

From: Simone

Your reading has been very helpful and has cheered me up a lot! The man I am with at the minute is over 12 years older than me and I think for him it is just fun even though he has treated me better than anyone else I woz involved with. As you said at least now I know it is only fun.

You truly are great!

Thanks a million

Simone - Vancouver

From: Amanda
Comment: Hi David,
Thank you again for doing the reading; it was also lovely to speak with you too. I did feel a little upset and sad over the Niall reading but I do know that whatever happens between us is for the best and life moves on. I have so many good things planned for myself in the future like move traveling and good times that I feel this year is the right year for a great change. David you have opened up more doors for me and I like to thank you again for such a great insight for the road ahead.
I will be in touch again in the near future. Thanks again.

Love Ally x
PS. I was so amazed at how much you knew with so little information.
From: Suzanne

Dear David,
Thank you for a wonderful reading, it was so spot on and unbelievably accurate.

I will be in touch to let you know how it all goes.

Love Suzanne - Nazareth, Israel

From: Russel
Comment: Dear David, thank you very much for replying to my earlier mail, and for sending me your reading, I must admit that everything you said was very much the truth, in fact I was surprised just how close you got, but there again, I guess that I WAS the only one that would be surprised, because you have a gift that does not surprise you?

I think that the "relationship" part of my reading would be important for me at this time to maybe benefit from a more in-depth reading, and I think that maybe soon I will take you up on your offer of a more personal talk on the phone, but in the mean time, may I thank you so very much for hellping me now, you really have got me 'bang to rights' in all the fields that you did.....

Thank you once again
Best Wishes
Russel - London
From: Sinead
Comment: Hi David,
I have received your reading and I have gotten goose bumps when I read it.
Everything you said was true.

The romance has happened this weekend! Just knew him to see him around but never thought in a million years that he would ask me out because most of the women in town are mad about him.

I cant believe you know that I havent been sleeping well. At Xmas time my house that I bought was broken into and since then I havent had a proper nights sleep.

I think everything happens for a reason.

You are just amazing! Thanks a million. I am not going to go back to my ex boyfriend but I probably would of done if I hadnt been asked out.

God Bless

Sinead - Galway
From: lynne
Comment: Hi david thank you for the reading you have inspired me and lifted my spirit back up,i will let you know what unfolds for sure ,many blessings to you. and i will be back.

regards always lynne
From: Tracey
Comment: I rang you back in November and you gave me a lovely reading at a time when I felt really low in my life. Your warm compassionate reading inspired me into undoing the emotional ties in order to move on with my life for which I can't thank you enough. I can't believe how positive I feel at this moment and how high my spirits feel.

Tracey - Manchester
From: Nina
Comment: I was so pleased to contact you and amazed at your detailed phone reading. Have never done anything like this and you made me feel at ease straight away. It has been a great way to start the new year. You are very accurate.
Thanks again...I am sure to be back.

Nina - Auckland
From: Yuliya
Comment: Hello again, I just had a beautiful reading with you and it was amazing!!! I feel myself now much more confident and relaxed. LIKE sip of water in the desert!!! Thank you very very much David!!! Im going to come back to you! Everything the best to you and a lots of Luck! Warm hug from my Soul to You! Thank YOU!!!
Yuliya - London
From: Sandra
Comment: thank youso much for my reding yesturday you were so kind. i realy was at my lowest ever till i talked to you thank you again
From: Jenny Leyland
Comment: You were wonderful again today David, as you always are. I just thank the Lord I found out about you. May your wishes all come true, With Love,Jenny your friend in Dublin.x x x
From: Rosemarie Oyston
Comment: I am very impressed with the comments from people who have asked for guidance. I may contact you myself, as really need some positive direction at the moment.
From: Hazel
Comment: Many thanks for your email reading which I recieved today. I cannot thankyou enough for the guidance that you have given me within your reading David. I am in no doubt that you are an exceptional man with a truley wonderful gift. I would welcome any personal guidence you can give me to work more with my spiritual/psychic side in the future. Although I am sure you are very busy :@)

Your words have been of great comfort as I float/work around in the ocean off Nigeria, which is where I will be until christmas. I hope then that I can return and reconcile my relationship with the woman I love. If I cannot then I shall set her free. Thanks once again David. I shall be in touch in the future.

Kindest regards
From: Sue Lloyd ... New York U.S.A.
Comment: Dear David, I had to take the time to type this note to you. The phone readings I have had from youself have been almost unbeleiveable. No psychic has ever come close to being accurate about me in the past. I am so lucky to have found you. I realy hope that people read this because you are the greatest and I should know. Thanks again David. Susan in the States. P.S. Thank you also for taking all my calls yourself.
From: Paul Drake
Comment: Got to let you know that the email reading you sent to me in September has been so helpful.I could never have made the right choices without your guidence. So far every thing you wrote to me has happened. I will be ringing you for a phone reading before Christmas. I need to look at the new year before it arrives. David you are a true gent, the best psychic I have ever contacted. Thank you so much. Paul - Melbourne.
From: Tracy Newman
Comment: You have restored my faith David. What a wonderful reading. How on earth do you do it. I know now that the job is right. I also know that I am right to be with Sean. You even knew about my pregnancy. What a change to talk to a genuine psychic instead of the usual companies.I shall ring you next month on my Birthday. I can't thank you enough David you are SO good. Take care with love Tracy.x.x.x.x
From: Brenda
Comment: I just had a reading with you, David. It was very accurate and ill see what happens with the rest of what u said to me and get back to you. Thanks a mill.
From: Pete
Comment: Hi David, I am just writing this short note to thank you for the reading you gave me three weeks ago. When told me that I would meet a new guy from my home country, I thought you could not be right in a million years. I didn't have to wait long to see that I was wrong and you were absolutely right. I met Simon in a bar in London within a few days of your prediction. We hit it of from the start. Now we are going of on a trip back home to Australia. He is from Perth and I, as you know am from Sydney. This looks like being a very close friendship (possibly more). He is a bit younger than me but he doesn't seem to mind. I'll call you when we get back in from 'Oz' in early December.
I know that you are the real deal David. Thanks again for all your help.
Take it easy, Pete (the surf) Thomas
From: Janet Morris
Comment: Hi there David, you did a telephone reading for me back in May. It didn't mean much to me at the time but I have to let you know now that every thing you predicted has come true.

You said that I would meet a man with a connection to Canada. I met him within two weeks and we are now in a very strong relationship. He is from Vancouver. You also corectly predicted that my mum and dad would get back together and they are doing just that. There were so many things that you said would happen and they have. It is almost unbeleiveable. You truly are the best psychic around at the moment. God bless you and many thanks.
I will call you very soon, I cant wait to talk to you again.
Janet Morris from Aberdeen.xxxx
From: rachel
Comment: Thank you for my reading.
Yes things are extremely difficult still. But I do know that my life took a dramatic turn for the better after my first reading and that I am actually living now, instead of hiding, so the proof is in the eating of the pudding.

I still seem to be facing insurmountable odds, but I know if I focus on them and not the living I will never get them sorted. Anyway, now I am rambling. Thank you for the reading, and I will let you know how things are progressing in a couple of months.
Take Care of thyself also
From: ruthie
Comment: hi david,
thanks a million for the e-mail reading, i received it this morning, and it made alot of sense, i will certainly consider getting a telephone reading in the near future... Thanks again
kind regards
ruthie x
From: Karishma
Comment: Hi David,

What can I say, what you said about me, my looks, my past and how closed myself cannot be more astoundingly accurate. It is the first time I have obtained a reading with such accuracy. I just hope what you said about my future is true and will bear in mind your advice.
I will definitely seek your advice when needed.

Thank you so much for all.

Take care,

Karishma - Dubai
From: Maggie
Comment: David,
Sorry i haven't e-mailed you before but i have only just connected to the internet a few days ago. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words when i have phoned, your advice is always spot on. I always feel so much brighter when i have spoken to you. I am grateful to Pam for pushing me into phoning you! Speak soon and thank you.
Love Maggie - Castle Douglas - Scotland.
From: Joyce
Comment: Hi David
Just to say a huge "THANK YOU" for the reading. You really are the best. Thank you for making me laugh, I really needed to laugh. I don't recall the last time I did......there's that time thing again!!! I will try my best to do what you said and bring my stress levels down. I think thats probably why I have been so tired lately. I have been really down of late as you picked up, and you have given me a new vitality and made me realise that I do have something to look forward to. Thank you David, you were incredible. I will speak to you again.

Joyce. x

From: Clement
Comment: Hi David,
Thank you very much for your amazing reading.My first impression was:What a clear, (without ambiguity, 'technical words, ' non sense as many psychics do) and accurate reading!!!.I have selected you within a huge list of psychis and I am convinced you are the right one.
I will not take your predictions for granted.I will do my best and also follow your advice.I will definetly contact you again soon. Until then Thank you very much,


From: rachael
Comment: hi david, i just wanted to say thank you for the reading today!! My spirits are really lifted! It is so empowering to hear that the universe is on my side and know that guidance wil always be there! I will act upon what you have said and definately hope to speak to you again soon. lots of love!
From: Yvonne
Comment: Good morning David. Thank you so much for my reading.It has given me much encouragement for the future,even though it looks a bit turbulent in the comming months.
I also want to tell you, what pleasure your website gave me when I was feeling really down,and I will certainly contact you again for a more indepth reading. God bless. Yvonne - Turin
From: Louise Holder
Comment: Two of the predictions that you have said , happened yesterday. The guy(traveler)with a flashy car( ferrari) met him yesterday and my ex wants to get back together.As you said move forward,thats what i am doing. Now i am just waiting for my true love to come. All the best David. Luisa
From: Lauren Harvey-Jones
Comment: Today I received an email reading from David, although he has never spoken to me or met me and he doesn't even know where I live. Everything in the email was perfectly correct. I will definately be calling David soon to have a telephone reading.
From: Rachel
Comment: David, thank you. I'm going to marry the man I love now. You've shown me a new prospective. I don't think I could have made the leap if I'd not have rung you when I did. How nice that you answered the call yourself.
From: Emma

hiya David. I wish I'd called you sooner as I've never felt so comfortable after a reading.xxxx p.s. the healing you sent me seems to be working already. Emma - Chicago

From: Stephan
Comment: There's not a lot I can say that hasn't already, but I saw it only fair to express my gratitude for the brilliant reading you've just given me. Cheers mate.
From: Simon Dorset
Comment: All the positive comments are warrented David. You ARE fantastic!
From: Vicky Samuels
Comment: Feeling very low and in financial strife I decided to look for a psychic/medium on the internet. I picked David Charles because he works alone. He told me not to worry as financial improvement would come to me within days. I thought 'yeah right, pull the other one'. Unbelievably 4 days later, Mike, my partner received a massive windfall. This man is a genius. Amazing, Astounding, Astonishing.
From: shameen hussein
Comment: Having been disillusioned and feeling let down by psychic companies and agencies I rang David this morning. He told me more about me than I knew myself. I can fully recommend David Charles and when you ring him, you get him and not some strange recorded voice or answer service.
From: Nina Moore
Comment: I had my scan David and you were right. Thank you.
From: Sara Phelps
Comment: Hi David, i called you about a week ago prior to my interview. I found out that there were 33 people up for the job but the inforamtion you gave me boosted my confidence no end and I found out today that I have got the job.
From: Andy
Comment: Thanx David, your feedback made me call you and I'm very happy with what you told me. I'll definately be calling again.
From: Charlotte Banks
Comment: Thank you for my reading today David. you've once againgiven me a spot on reading.
From: Simon Dorset
Comment: Thanks David for your help today,I truly wish I had come to you sooner. I do not remember ever having such a good reading. As people say you realy are the best. Thanks again, I'll call you soon, Si.
From: Jean Bell
Comment: I had been told by friends and other Psychics how good David was. i now know that they were right. Best reading I have evre had. David is the best medium around by far.
From: Sarah
Comment: Thank you for your reading, you were easy to talk to and understanding. Lets hope the reason i rang happens for me. Always remember if it is meant to be it will xxx Sarah - Swansea
From: Lauraine
Comment: Feeling down and stressed last night. I felt the urge to have a psychic reading. So after looking at all the companies and agencies on google,I chose David because he works alone. I was not dissapionted, he was spot on with everything that he told me. I would say that as a regular user of psychics, David's reading was by far the best I have ever had. I will not hessitate to recommend him to anyone. Thank you David, I will definatly be ringing you again soon. Lol - York
From: Eileen Nugent
Comment: David, when you said to me about the lawyer,i immediatly said i had already agreed! Well,no sooner did my phone ring with the lawyer letting me know that my nearly x business partner has suggested paying me with business & personal cheques which my lawyer has advised me to accept a bank draught instead!! you were spot on..Thank you
From: Sharon
Comment: I asked David for a reading via email which he sent me within a day. It was so good I phoned him straight away and had another reading over the phone. I will keep you updated as to how accurate his predictions are. Sharon x
From: Helen
Comment: David was very accurate and genuine. He has helped me today to focus on what is important and what to look out for over the next few months.
From: Martin
Comment: David is a top bloke who was spot on with what he told me.A very straight talking man.I will speak to him again and will recommend him to others.Thanks David. Martin - Birmingham
From: Bre Smith
Comment: thankyou
From: Nicky
Comment: Thank you David for my email and telephone readings. Firstly I really liked your website, It has genuine and caring written all over it. I appreciated your caring and approachable manner on the phone, you were so easy to talk to. What you told me abut my situation was scarily accurate, about the predictions for the year ahead, well time will tell, but I'll keep you updated. I had a bit of a reconciliation today that was unexpected and very special. Thank you again
Nicky xxx
Looking forward to talking to you again in the future
From: Lynne Brooks
Comment: have had 5 or 6 readings with David over a period of approx 18 months, I can't help but keep coming back to this guy, he's amazingly accurate, open, honest and time after time is spot on, have never felt 'pumped' for information or primed, thoroughly recommended.
From: Julia hedley
Comment: Thank you for the reading, you have reduced my stress levels considerably!!! Julia - Newcastle
From: Catriona
Comment: Thankyou for your kindness, encouragement and care. Your reading has helped guide me towards the future and given me renewed hope. Cat - Milton Keynes
From: Julie
Comment: Thank you for your reading, its reassuring to know that you can pick up whats happening in someones life which gives reassurance in its self.This is a comfort.
From: Jackie
Comment: thank you David for helping me to focus on my future,Inow know how to progress thanks to your positive reading. As they say whatch this space!
From: Caz Barlow
Comment: Thank you for a very accurate and empathic reading... carol in carnforth lancashire
From: Amanda
Comment: Thank you for the reading David, as always, extremely accurate and totally honest. I shall keep you informed! With best wishes
From: Kay
Comment: Very good reading
From: Gail
Comment: Thank you David for the great reading. I feel so much better now Ive spoken to you. Will be in touch again soon.thanx Gail xx
From: Ann
Comment: Thankyou for been so honest with me your comments have inspired me to think differently about my current situation you were spot on with everything I will be in touch soon
with love ann
From: Daniel
Comment: Thank you for my reading, I can't get over the fact that you were so right about me. You have really made me think of re-thinking the direction I'm going in.... Blessed Be
From: Jill
Comment: thanks for the reading last week you relly made me smile
From: Lisa
Comment: David you've made me realise that things aren't so bad! Just trust my instincts thankyou i feel alot better about things. You made me feel special, and realise not to worry. I shall make my wish! You have a kind and caring personna. Fully recommended. x
From: Julie
Comment: Thank you for your reading today. I felt so miserable with my life but you gave me some positive guidance and honesty, it was nice to hear a friendly and caring voice too.
From: Helen
Comment: Your guidance was much appreciated.
Your website great, too.
David,you really gave my "spirits" a boost!
Speak to you soon.
From: Maria
Comment: just msg'ing you to give you my email.your website is very good which oliver designed.you can browse at my website if you want it is www.lancasterladieswear.co.uk click on jules. best regards maria - Lancaster
From: Maria Angelis
Comment: I thought your reading was helpful because it gave me a bit of guideness.i felt like a sinking ship with no bottom to hit.it was nice that you thought of me the other day.have a nice christmas, i'm busy on a mission to raise money for cancer care through a fashion show.this replicates the reading as people are coming to me for help. Maria





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