If yet another year has passed and you are celebrating the your birthday today, then here are your psychic predictions using tarot, crystals, a crystal ball and pendulums.

If today is your birthday.
You may be a little bit fed up with waiting around for people to keep their promises. It is possible that you are expecting somebody to knock on your door or even call you on the telephone. Remember, you can not wait forever and if they don’t keep their word soon then they probably never will. You may have to promote or put up with some upheaval in order to remove the clutter and negativity from your surrounding area. You may have been allowing things to build up over the last few months and now a major effort will be needed for you to clear the way for the future and the promises it brings. For those of you considering moving house this is a great time to put your plans into place, as anything to do with property is looking favorable at the moment. It also appears to be a very positive time for families, children and togetherness. If you are in love you can expect a very special Birthday gift or treat that will mean an awful lot to you. For the ladies amongst you who are trying for a baby your best month for conception will be December this year. Most of you can expect big changes and new developments when you reach the month of January 2010. Whilst the month of March is the best for career, business and employment situations. As far as this psychic tarot reading is concerned, your best months during the coming year will be, November, February, March, June and September. Your psychic and spiritual lucky numbers will be 5,16,17,27 and 34. If you would like a full and in depth psychic reading from the UK’s leading clairvoyant, then just call me direct. You deserve nothing but the best.

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