Television Psychics and Mediums.

It looks like the new age of entertainment is going to include more psychics and mediums on your television. Sally Morgan has just had a series on the main stream TV and I think she came over very well. Maybe it is time for Colin Fry to make some more shows. Then there is of course Most Haunted which is very entertaining, mainly I feel because of the input from Derek Acorah.

Things have moved on a long way since Uri Geller started bending spoons all those years ago. No doubt there will always be people like Derren Brown trying to cash in by showing up the fake psychics, and there are a few of them out there. However, I beleive that most of the people working in the psychic and spiritual field are genuine and they are really doing their best to help people as much as they can. People like Sally Morgan and Derek Acorah are very entertaining and you could never call them dull or boring. They are in the world of show business after all. Perhaps the next step in this direction will include subjects such as paganism and witchcraft, I can’t wait.

A few years ago during many of my radio show and phone in appearances, most of the calls seemed to be from ladies. Nowadays everything has changed and there is far more interest from gentlemen. I am also doing far more psychic readings for men then ever before.

If this new interest ever starts to fade, then I am sure there will still be clairvoyants, fortune telling and tarot card reading on the end of the seaside pier and maybe at the fun fairs. Clairvoyants, mediums and psychics will always hold a fascination for all of us who do not have closed minds. I feel sorry for those people who refuse to see the wonders that are surrounding us all.

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