Frequently Asked Questions
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Question:- Why should I choose a telephone reading rather than a face to face reading?

Answer:- A gifted and genuine psychic such, as a high class David Charles Psychic, will not need to see your dress sense, wedding rings, tattoos, body language or any other giveaway factors. 

You won’t need to go out in the cold, or find and pay for a parking space. You can have a top quality reading in the comfort of your own home or work place. Some people even have readings whilst they are in bed, or even in the bath. So snuggle up, get comfortable and enjoy your psychic reading.

Question:- Why should I choose a David Charles Psychic? 

Answer:- All members of the David Charles team are very carefully selected, monitored and scrutinised by me. A David Charles Psychic must shine and really stand out from the crowd. Only the very best of the best mediums and clairvoyants will make it into the David Charles team. You deserve the very best and you can’t get better than a David Charles psychic. 

Question:- Can I pay for my reading on my phone bill?

Answer:- Yes of course as long as it’s your own phone, or you have the bill payers permission. Just call  0905 005 8230. Calls will cost £1.50 per minute. You must be over 18 years old of course.

Question:- Can I pay with my credit or debit card? Yes you can, just call and talk to my receptionist on 0330 114 0225.


Where is David Charles based?

Answer:- I am based I beautiful North Devon, UK.  I have beed providing spiritual help and psychic readings to people from all over the world for many years. I have helped quite literally thousands of people from all walks of life. 

If you have any questions for me, just email me on my Contact Me page and I will be delighted to answer them for you here. 

Many blessings, David.

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