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David Charles Dhp., Fhrs., Chp.

World Leading International Psychic Living In Beautiful North Devon UK.

Here is My Promise to You.

I am and will always be willing, ready and prepared to have my Psychic / Clairvoyant / Mediumship abilities and authenticity tested by any scientists, sceptics or nonbelievers from the UK or any part of the world at any a time. Because You Deserve Genuine, Private and Professional Quality. How many other clairvoyants, mediums, agencies or companies are willing or able to offer you such a reassuring promise?

Sandymouth, Cornwall

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A personal, private and direct 30 minute online psychic phone reading with me has a fixed fee of £70. All of my professional consultation fees are inclusive and you will not be charged vat, premium rate, or any other hidden extras. I should also like to point out that for your phone reading you will be calling me on a normal BT landline and not a premium rate number for your online psychic readings. You can call me on BT 01409 24 00 25.

Just call me Free Phone when you would like your consultation. You can pay with PayPal using almost any of the modern-day credit or debit cards. You do NOT need a PayPal account for this method, just safely enter your card details in the box provided. However if you DO have a PayPal account you can pay securely via PayPal before you call me. Just click the (Buy Now) button above and follow the instructions.

Remember that you will speak directly with me during your private psychic phone reading and to me only!

I am not connected to any company or agency.  Why not try your psychic reading with me today.

David Charles Leading UK and International Clairvoyant and White Witch.

All of my online psychic readings are conducted for you under very strict professional codes and ethics and are totally private and confidential. I provide psychic readings and spiritual guidance for my regular clientele from all over the planet from Brisbane to Birmingham and from Skagway to Singapore. I read for Royalty, famous movie stars, sports personalities, top t.v. celebrities and of course special people like yourself. Absolutely none of your private information will ever be passed on or be stored by me at any time.

Why no try a quality private psychic reading with me today?

David Charles Dhp., Chp., Fhrs.

Top International Psychic And White Witch Living Near The Coast In Beautiful North Devon UK.

Don’t sleepwalk into your future!

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David Charles The UK’s Best Loved Psychic And White Witch. 

Serving the UK, the USA and all over the world.

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